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What Does Omega 3 Fish Oil Do? - The Benefits of Omega 3 oil

Fish oil and Omega 3

“Omega 3 fatty acids fish oil” – Omega 3 is one in a group of Essential Fatty Acid’s (EFA’s) which are essential, as the group to which they belong implies, in providing energy for our bodies, as do all fats but differ in that they are considered to be a “good fat”, having positive effects on our health.

“Is Omega 3 fish oil?” – Unfortunately, the human body does not produce its own supply of omega-3 and is therefore, dependent on external sources namely, marine based EPA and DHA omega fish oil and plant extracted ALA; much in the same way as it is dependent on external sources of Vitamin E.

“EPA DHA Omega 3 fish oil” – Fish oils are currently the best source of long chain omega 3 fatty acids with the best fish oil containing approximately 18% EPA and 12% DHA.


Omega 3 long chain fatty acids (high in EPA and DHA) from fish oil are acknowledge by the scientific community to be associated with brain, heart, eye and joint health with anti-inflammatory properties
Very simplistically we can use the analogy of your kitchen sink pipe-work and our arteries to explain one of the major mechanisms by which, omega 3 fish oil works for us. A sinks waste trap and pipes may begin to clog if food waste, especially cooking fat, is allowed to build upon the inside walls, causing the inside of the pipe to get narrower and narrower; restricting the flow of water or fluid out of the sink and through the pipes. “Omega 3 fish oil cholesterol” – Our arteries experience the same “clogging” from consuming too much Saturated fat (animal fat including full fat milk, cheese and other dairy products). The fluid in our case is blood and the narrowing of the arteries is due to the build-up of “cholesterol” causing high blood pressure and if untreated, coranary problems. To clear the sink you can simply flush the pipe with a proprietry cleaner. eg Cilit Bang.
“Omega 3 fish oil supplements” – Regular consumption of Omega 3 fish oil acts in pretty much the same way by breaking down the cholesterol and flushing it away allowing the blood to flow unrestricted through our arteries, relieving the pressure on your heart.

Omega 3 fish oil benefits for Men”, Omega 3 fish oil benefits for Women” and “Omega 3 fish oil for children” – are reported to include but are not limited to the following:

Reducing risk of heart disease
Lower blood pressure
Improve circulation through improved arterial health
Improve the immune system
Lower risk of breast cancer
Lower risk of prostrate cancer
Reduce inflammation and associated inflammatory illnesses such as Asthma, arthritis, psoriasis and eczema
Cognitive skills
Improved learning ability, especially in children
ADHD, dyslexia
Alzheimer’s disease
Eye health

….the list goes on. However, not all of these claims have been validated and research continues into these and new areas of possible benefits.

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