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Firstly, let me welcome you to, which is dedicated to providing quality information about Omega 3 fatty acids in a easy-to-read and simple format .

The content and structure has been deliberately designed to be educational and accessible to children and adults alike, without the need of any prior knowledge of the subject. It endeavours to provide the reader with an overview of what Omega 3 is and its massive potential to positively effect our health.

The potential benefits recognised today are only the tip of the ice berg of what research may prove to be reality tomorrow. [Layman]

To this end, news feeds are a big part of the site from several different government and nutritional based news sources, providing uptodate and breaking news about omega 3’s and related nutrition and health issues.

Supplements are  a simple way to boost our intake of the necessary EPA  and DHA contained within omega 3 fish oil and ALA in flax oil but the market is saturated with products, making it difficult to choose which best suits our needs. To help support your decision making, has teamed up with “Amazon” one of the largest on-line retailers,  providing  a vast variety of supplements/products/books for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike with product reviews, product details and customer reviews. So please take time to browse our store, whether to buy or to become more informed about the products available today.

I hope you enjoy your visit to as much as I have had in researching  and presenting its content to you. Hopefully, it will encourage you to take the time to pay closer attention to the food labels, as did I, and make a more informed decission about the food we eat and as parents, provide for our children.

If the readers awareness of omega 3 and its scientifically recognised benefits and dietary necessity has been raised as a result of then I have achieved what I set out to do in both my capacity as a professional serving the Pharma and Bio-pharma sector and as a parent.

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